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Anyone working in retail can join Retail CU. It’s free to become a member and family living at the same address are also welcome to join too.

Opening an Account

It’s quick and easy to join Retail CU! Simply complete our online Membership Application.

We are required by law to confirm the identity and address of all new members. We do this electronically using an online provider, for your convenience. Occasionally, we are unable to confirm your details and will ask you to provide additional documentation to confirm your ID and address.

Who else can join?

Family living at a member’s address are also welcome to join. Don’t worry if family members are not working for one of our Payroll Partners – they can save into their Retail CU savings account by Direct Debit.

Our Common Bond

A requirement of the credit union regulator is that credit union members have something in common with one another. This is known as the credit union’s ‘common bond’ and determines who can join a credit union.

Who Can Become a Member of Retail CU?

Membership of Retail CU is restricted to an individual employed in retail. This is defined as working for a retailer, in retail manufacturing, retail wholesale distribution or in support services for retail.  Membership is open to anyone who follows an occupation in the following ‘Minor’ Group of the Office of National Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification:

119: Managers and Directors in Retail and Wholesale
125: Managers and Proprietors in Other Services
247: Media Professionals
321: Health Associate Professionals
412: Administration
541: Textile and garments trades
542: Printing trades
543: Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades
544: Other skilled trades
622: Hairdressing and related services
711: Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers
712: Sales Related Occupations
713: Sales Supervisors
721: Customer Service Occupations
722: Customer Service Managers and Supervisors
821: Road Transport Drivers
923: Elementary Cleaning Occupations
924: Elementary Security Occupations
925: Elementary Sales Occupations

Why join? Check out these benefits below:

Saving made easy!

It’s so easy to save with Retail CU. Save a few ££s straight from your pay and watch your savings grow. With a range of saving accounts Retail CU is here to help you save.

Flexible & Convenient Loans

From time to time we all need to borrow, and Retail CU is here to help. We offer members a range of Loans with manageable repayments straight from your pay.

Payroll Deduction

Savings and loan repayments are deducted directly from your weekly or monthly pay. As the money is taken directly from your wages/salary, you tend not to miss it! It really is the easy way to save, and borrow when you need to!

For members not working for one of Payroll Partners, we will set up a direct debit.

FSCS Protection

Members money with Retail CU is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit protection scheme, to the value of £85,000. However, the maximum a member can hold with Retail CU across all their accounts is £50,000, meaning all your savings with us are covered. Click here for further information on the FSCS.

Attractive Dividend on Savings

Retail CU is owned by and run for the benefit of our members. When you join, you become a ‘member’ and a ‘shareholder’ in Retail CU. Any profits made are shared in the form of an annual dividend agreed by members at our Annual General Meeting.

*Dividends are not guaranteed. The rate payable is dependent on financial performance and voted on by members at the AGM.

Payroll Partners

Employees of the following retailers are welcome to join Retail CU and save by payroll deduction each payday.

Members Quotes

“Staff always helpful. You feel like you are speaking to a member of your family.”


“The service is fantastic. Always very helpful. I can’t fault them.”


“Very friendly staff, great opportunities to save or borrow money. All in all they are brilliant!”


“The automatic deductions from my wages has allowed me to save and repay loan without planning.”


“Nivo is a great service & really simple to use. Very clear instructions & seems very secure with ID face recognition. The response times are very quick, impressed with the service.”

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