Retail CU Loans

Retail CU offers a range of Personal Loans to members.

Personal Loan

For all Retail CU members

Borrow up to £20,000
(no savings required)

Interest rate from 9.4% (9.9% APR) to 26.5% (30% APR)

Gold Loan

For members with 1 or more years Retail CU membership

Borrow 4 x Retail CU savings balance
(borrow £1,000 – £15,000)

Interest rate 9.4%pa (9.9% APR)

Platinum Loan

For members with 2 or more years Retail CU membership

Borrow 5 x Retail CU savings balance
(borrow £8,000 – £25,000)

Interest rate 4.75% pa (4.9%APR)

Savings Secured Loan

For all Retail CU members

Borrow your Retail CU savings balance

Interest rate 2.86% (2.9% APR)

Loan Calculator

Use our loan calculator to see how much you could borrow and how much you would pay back.

Loan FAQs

For help and guidance on applying for a Retail CU loan and everything you need to know to guide you through the application process.

Important to know

There are no arrangement fees or hidden charges with Retail CU loans. Members can pay off loans early, without incurring penalties – instead you will save money on interest.

Repayments are on a weekly or monthly basis, and members should be aware that there are some legal limitations to length and amount of loans. Our general advice is to try and repay a loan in as short a time as possible (this way it will cost you less).

Members who are bankrupt or taken an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) that shows on their credit report (normally six years after the event) are welcome to save with Retail CU and benefit from the Annual Divided (profits allowing), however, loans are not available to these members.

Members must save on a regular basis while repaying their loans.

As part of the loan assessment, we use a licensed Credit Reference Agency. The ways in which they use and share personal information are explained in more detail in the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice (CRAIN) here.

We would encourage members who experience financial difficulties to contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss the possibility of a revised repayment plan.

Members Quotes

“Excellent communication, low interest rates on loans and hassle free.”


“Good loan system and very quick decisions. Excellent service. Thankyou.”


"The lending process is straight forward and the online applications are very easy."


"I think Retail CU is very good because I get loans with them and it helps me a lot."


"Really useful when I’ve needed cash in an emergency"


"They gave me a loan so I could take my son on a holiday of a life time"

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