UK Savings Week 2022

We’re thrilled to be supporting UK Savings Week 2022 this week. UK Savings Week is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and encourage more open conversations about their money – from pocket money to pensions.

UK Savings Week 2022 wants to change the way you think about saving money, and take small steps towards achieving your savings goal. When it comes to money, we’re all different! Times feel tougher at the minute but UK Savings Week will help you find your ideal way to save if you can, with tips for making the most of your money!

A healthy savings habit can provide a safety net for rainy days, emergencies or when things go wrong, and whilst it may seem difficult to start saving at the moment, for those who can, now is a great time to start!

Yours savings, your way! We’re all different, our income and expenditure vary between each of us and saving could be as simple as finding a new habit which works for you. Have you tried savings through payroll deduction?

Look after your mind and your money! A savings pot gives you a safety net and financial security. This helps to reduce worry, anxiety, and stress around personal finances. You will also sleep better and feel better overall! Click here for more information about money and your mental health.

Make every pound count! Save your money where you can earn interest and grow more quickly. The Money Saving Expert has some easy to follow guides on different savings account. Credit Unions offer a dividend, opposed to interest. A dividend is paid to members if / when the credit union makes a profit. This is how credit unions give back and reinvest into the community. Visit our savings page for more information on our dividend!

Save for tomorrow! Encouraging children to have good savings habits is one of life’s most valuable lessons. Show them how just a couple of ££’s can build up over time! Click here for the Top Children’s Savings Accounts, by The Money Saving Expert.

Can you make your money stretch? Our members matter to us and we’ve put together tips to make your money go further. Click here to see what small steps can make a real difference.

Saving. It all adds up to something good! Be the save you want to be and use UK Savings Week to make the most from your money!