Talk Money Week

This week is Talk Money Week 2022. We know all too well that talking about money can be awkward, but with the cost of living and current energy crisis, talking about money is more important than ever!

Talk Money Week is a national campaign which this year focuses on ‘credit’. We know credit can be difficult to understand and is often inaccessible to many people. However, talking about credit and the benefits of borrowing can really help everyone understand the complex world of loans.

We understand that life can throw the unexpected – the car breaks down, or Christmas comes around again but Retail Credit Union, part of Voyager Alliance Credit Union, is here to help. Retail CU offers members a range of flexible Personal Loans with manageable repayments straight from your pay.

Retail CU works with money and credit every day, and we understand that finances vary from person to person. We know talking about money and the need to borrow can be tough, but by having these difficult conversations, we hope to support more members on their journey to better credit and financial wellness.

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Save with us

It’s so easy to save with Retail CU. Save a few £s straight from your pay and watch your savings grow. With a range of saving accounts from our Instant Access to the Christmas account, Retail CU is here to help you save. Saving small amounts regularly, will help you feel more comfortable to face the future.

The Money and Pensions Service have useful resources to help you Talk Money with younger people, your family, and your friends.

We’re proud to support Talk Money Week for another year. We hope to encourage more people to talk openly about money, and know where to seek help should you need it. Talking about money will help you make better financial decisions, help children develop healthy lifetime money habits and reduce feelings of anxiety!

Want to know more about Talk Money Week and how you can start money conversations? Check out their website here.