Don’t be ripped off by big pharmaceuticals

Hay fever is hard on our pockets as well as our noses, so don’t be ripped off by big pharmaceuticals! Hay fever sufferers can pay up to 7x as much for the same medicine depending on where they shop, so beat the price hike and save on hay fever tablets this summer!

Here are some tips to help you save money while coping with the high pollen count…

Check the ‘active’ ingredient

One of the most important things is to find the ‘active’ ingredient in your usual remedy, and then buy the cheapest alternative with the same active ingredient. If the active ingredient is the same, the medicine will have the same effect on your body!

Money Saving Expert compares our favourite high-street hay fever remedies to generic equivalents which will save you a few ££ each time!

Check the ‘PL code’

On the side of your medicines box you’ll see a product number or PL number. If 2 medicines have the same PL number, they are the exact same product! Next time you hit the shops, check out your usual remedy and compare its Pl number with the supermarket’s own brand.

BBC’s Watchdog visited high street chains Boots and Superdrug and found identical hay fever on the shelves, but with very different prices! Products from the two high street giants had the same PL number, so the products were identical inside of their packaging, but prices ranged from 11p to 42p per tablet!

Don’t pay over the odds for shinier packaging!

Shop around

Prices change regularly so always check before you buy, especially in the height of summer when there are lots of options available. If you’re already suffering from a runny nose, swollen eyes and can’t stop sneezing, buying online probably isn’t the best option for you, however you might be able to slash the cost of your usual remedies if you buy in advance.

It is important to be careful and make sure you only shop at legitimate online pharmacies. When buying from online pharmacies, make sure you check for the European common logo. Online pharmacies selling medicines in the UK must have this logo on every page of the website.

Make sure to check the use-by dates too. Some online pharmacies are cheaper because their medicines don’t have long left on their lifespan.

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist if you’re unsure on which remedy is best for you.

Check out Money Saving Expert to find out more about shopping at online pharmacies and for even more tips for surviving hay fever on a budget– the savings aren’t to be sneezed at!