Pleased to meet you!

Hello everyone, I have been so pleased to meet you all! What a fantastic but frantic year it’s been in the life of ‘business development’ at Voyager Alliance & Retail CU. It’s certainly been a year! The role that I signed up for 16 months ago has changed, evolved with many twists and turns, and that’s not just the roads I have been on!

2023 has passed so quickly with over 16,000 miles travelled, 58 different beds slept in, and 157 various depots, stations and retail places visited to support our members, encourage others to join and assist with loan applications. But the overarching things that I take away from each and every visit is the lovely welcome from people and how many good news stories that you all want to share of how in years passed Voyager Alliance and Retail CU has helped and supported you, our members, in their lives.

I look back and thought at times “what am I doing”! Solo travelling around the country in my trusty little red car to unknow destinations and wondering if there is a room at the Inn for me at night!

With over 40 weeks spent away from family, friends and home it has been a test of organisational skills and resilience. It’s has certainly given me stories for life with lots of laughter and fun but also a few heart stoppers too.

I think I met the oldest couple in the UK who run a quirky farm B&B in the Worcester area. Both were definitely in their mid/late 80’s, a room with a squeaky single bed and a shower which was so small I thought it was the wardrobe till I went to hang my dress in there!

On the North Wales coast in peak summer season, I turned up to a hotel who had no booking for me so ended up after a frantic search to find a room that definitely had the vibes of rent by the hour, then to wake up to find my car in a new artistic design from the seagulls.

It’s always great to get and share cultural understandings. I thought in Wales we had difficult place and people names, but nothing compared to some beautiful Afrikaans names with some being at least 36 characters long! It’s like spelling with alphabetti spaghetti at times for me!

I have met some wonderful characters and big personalities, been challenged and sternly ‘talked at’, with others it’s been just quietly sorted their business with me.

I am looking forward to developing more relationships and the business to another level in 2024.

Does your place of work need a visit? Send us a message and we will get a date in the diary with you. In the meantime, encourage others to join us, if we all referred just one colleague each how much bigger, better, brighter and stronger together we will be.

Thank you all for being part of my 2023 journey with Voyager Alliance and Retail CU!

Nadolig Llawen Pawb (Merry Christmas all)