International Credit Union Day 2022

Today, we’re celebrating International Credit Union Day 2022! The World Council of Credit Unions founded International Credit Union Day to recognise on how the credit union movement’s history, achievements and recognise the hard work and member stories!

This years International Credit Union Day theme is “Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union”.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of credit unions and their tremendous work they do around the world and Retail Credit Union has proudly provided financial services as a free benefit to those working in the retail sector and their families!

As we continue to strive for financial wellbeing for all, International Credit Union Day is our opportunity to showcase just how we are improving our members lives.

How is Retail Credit Union supporting members?

As you reach high to meet your financial goals, know that Voyager Alliance is always at your side. Retail Credit Union help you over the bumps in the road, helping to empower you and your financial future. By helping members save regularly, and borrow when they need to, straight from their pay, Voyager Alliance helps improve financial resilience. From time to time, life throws the unexpected, but by having savings and access to affordable loans, Retail Credit Union helps our members overcome those financial pressures.

Retail Credit Union, part of Voyage Alliance and The Penny Post Group, is proud of our international partnership with Community First Credit Union in Florida. The partnership, which was the first of its kind, has strengthened the credit union sector in both countries. Our working partnership brings benefits for members on both sides of the Atlantic and whilst we might be thousands of miles apart, we are united in our goal of building a better financial future for our members. Read more about our international partnership here.

Want to know more about International Credit Union Day celebrates the spirits of the credit union movement? Check out the World Council of Credit Unions!

Happy International Credit Union Day!