Holiday destinations where your money will go further!

If you are hoping to get away next year, but worried about rising costs, check out these popular holiday destinations where your money will go further! We’ve compared the cost of popular holiday destinations to help make your money go further in 2023!


Turkey is one of the cheapest holiday hotspots, and with popular beach resorts like Marmaris, you can eat like royalty in Turkey with the average 3-course meal costing around £7.50 and a round of drinks will only knock you back around £5.

British Sterling (£) has strengthened against the Turkish Lira by 80% – meaning you can make the most of a shopping trip in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar mall!

With return flights from around £200 and hotels from £70, Turkey should be high up on your travel list. Whether you prefer the popular sandy resorts or the lesser-known cities, there are lots of places throughout Turkey rich in culture and ruins which cost an arm and a leg!


Return flights to Portugal can cost around £100, with hotels coming in at a similar amount.

Since Brexit, the pound’s value vs the euro has plummeted, meaning your cash will have to work harder when visiting some European holiday destinations. Dinner for two on the sunny coast of the Algarve will come to around £20, just half the price of what it would cost you if you jumped on a short plane ride to Madeira!

Whether you visit the see the seaside sights of Lisbon or the city lights in Porto – watch the sunset with your favourite tipple for just an average of £1.


Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination for us Brits! With warm weather, sandy beaches and good food, what more could you ask for?

Spain’s capital of Barcelona can be a nice day trip to see La Sagrada Familia if you wanted to brave the crowds with the accompanying price tag. Want to wake up to views of Gaudi’s gardens? You should expect a hotel to cost around £112 per night. Similar to Portugal, not everywhere in Spain is cheap.

However, you can enjoy the Spanish weather along the Costa del Sol with clear shores and 320 of sunshine each year! Restaurant prices are nearly ¼ less in Malaga on Spain’s sunny coast compared to Barcelona.


Greece is a great option if you’re looking for incredible beaches, authentic villages, clear blue waters, great food, and breathtaking landscapes. A 3-course meal in Athens is almost 15% cheaper than in the UK, and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated while exploring the Acropolis will cost you around 43p – a massive 60% saving compared to home!

The cost of flying to Greece varies on which part of the country you fly to and when you are choosing to visit. Flights to smaller Greek islands villages can cost as little as £35, but if you were choosing to visit the tourist hotspot of Santorini in peak season, you should expect to pay £150+ per person.

The cost of living crisis is making it even harder to get away. Choosing the right holiday hotspot is important when trying to make your pounds stretch! Try lesser-known cities, different routes of travel to make your pound stretch further in 2023!

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